Initial images of the Aquila star-forming region

<p><a href="/Phocea/file.php?reload=1260972997&amp;class=newsImg&amp;file=_87_0_.jpg"><img style="border: 0; margin: 0 8px 5px 0;" src="/Phocea/file.php?reload=1260972997&amp;class=newsImg&amp;file=_87_0_.jpg" alt="img" width="170" height="170" align="left" /></a>An unseen stellar nursery comes into view in this Herschel image. Some 700 newly-forming stars are estimated to be crowded into these colourful filaments of dust. The complex is part of a mysterious ring of stars called Gould&rsquo;s Belt.</p> <p>This image shows a dark cloud 1000 light-years away in the constellation Aquila, the Eagle. It covers an area 65 light-years across and is so shrouded in dust that no previous infrared satellite has been able to see into it.</p> <p>Credits: ESA and the SPIRE &amp; PACS consortia, P. Andr&eacute; (CEA Saclay) for the Gould&rsquo;s Belt Key Programme Consortia</p>

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